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Operation: Lengthy Fall Coat

Summers been fun, but sadly theres been a chill in the air and I’m thinking soon enough we’re going to have to say our goodbyes. Its that time of year again (we all know I’m not miserable in the slightest), time to switch up the old wardrobe and get back into layers of soft and cozy goodness. I myself have been in search of a lengthier neutral Fall/Winter coat. As a result I’ve selected a few favourites to get inspired by.

I love and adore all of these pieces, hopefully here you find some inspiration for the seasons ahead!

The Row Wool Trench

One of my top favourites, possibly because I have yet to own a flecked grey wool coat. Love the layered lapel detail and the simplicity of the waist belt.

Yves Salomon Cotton Canvas Parka

The perfect casual throw and go. This coat has a detachable fur lined hood and trim. The fur gives this piece an extremely lavish feel, but the khaki really dims it down. This ones great if you like a more relaxed fit.

Stella McCartney Beige Wool Coat

I’ve managed to get my hands on a great coat similar in colour a few seasons back, so I’m holding on the beige- but how great is this? Such a neutral yet extremely versatile coat. The straight lines of this piece accompanied by the asymmetrical pocket detail are both very clean and unique.

Lanvin A-Line Coat

A black wool coat with a classic collar. The A-line hem of this piece is exceptionally feminine making great efforts to show off a woman’s natural hour-glass curve. This coat is timelessly elegant.

3.1 Phillip Lim Wool Blend Coat

This grey wool coat comes with a detachable leather neck cover. The zipper being the focal point manages to elongate the body with its continuous bold line feature against an unadorned slate.

Ann Demeulemeester Cotton-Blend Coat

There is something about the funnel neckline of this coat that I simply cannot get enough of. The waist tie again adds curvature and shape to a coat thats naturally tailored with a more relaxed silhouette.

Balenciaga Fur Coat

You knew it was coming. How on earth could I possibly make an entry about coats without including a furry statement piece? This mid-length coat is both sexy and adorable all rolled into one. The round neckline and black leather touches are to die for. I quite like this one.

Zara Black Wool Coat

Now onto my most coveted item of the month. I’ve tried this one on in stores and can honestly say we’re a match made in heaven. The lurid silver detail of the buttons, zippers and snaps have me drooling over here. This coat is surprisingly heavier in weight than I expected making it great for both the Fall and Winter seasons.

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'Pre-fall': What I personally believe to be is the most exciting time of year in fashion. The subtle transition to skirts with knee-highs, sweaters with trousers, scarves with toques layered with a light coat.

Aug 1, 2013 / 1 note


With nothing better to do today, my friend and I decided we’d kick around Casa Loma and take in some ornate Torontonian architechture. Of course what good is being a tourist in your own city or any for that matter if you don’t have a camera handy.

Corey Katz

Jul 29, 2013 / 2 notes

Floral Fever

As you may or may not already know, I’m generally not too big on colours. I have a thing for sticking to neutrals and scouting out the occasional flashy statement piece. Being from Canada where its mostly winter for over two thirds of the year, the fact that I’m pretty accustomed to wearing black, grey and beige shouldn’t come as a total shock. This little number here is an exception.

Of course this floral piece was purchased from one of my favourite one stop shops for apparel. I know Zara technically is not a one stop shop at all, but I like to call it that because that is how incredibly helpful their design team is at catering to all my wardrobe needs. When I spotted this piece the first thing that came to mind were designs I had seen by those of Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Ohne Titel and Vera Wang.

(Image Source:

Considering Zara would be the more economical option, I figured why not call this the statement of the month?

I really wanted to take this look from day to night by blinging it up a bit with a little black and gold. Sometimes the odd piece of jewelry is really all it takes to create that evening look. I’ve been looking for a good enough reason to pull out these fancy Jeffrey Campbell flats for quite some time. I never think to wear patent leather in the summer but I happen to like it right now. Seems to tie the whole look together quite well.

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Trending Now…

What good is lounging by the poolside without a sweet pair of shades? While protecting your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays you should most certainly be doing it in style. I’ve come across a wide set of sunnies that are more then suitable for the hot weather we’re having!
Here are a few of my top picks.
I’ve been straying away from the standard square framework thats been seen pretty much everywhere for the past few summers. This year I’m on to something a little more fresh and exciting. Although these shapes have been around, I only recently began to love the round look, and who can resist the fiercely versatile cat eye? After you’ve snatched a solid basic pair, the cat eye is a great number 2! A sultry look reminiscent of the timelessly token 1950’s.

Theres a vintage air about these two shapes that are both extremely refreshing and exceptionally bold. From the cheaper makes sold on NastyGal to the high end models like Linda Farrow for The Row, theres really something for everyone at any price range.

There you have it my friends- some fresh inspiration for the great summer ahead.

Happy sunbathing.

Mar 18, 2013

Tomboy Trendoid

Time to say goodbye to snow suits and sweat fleece and bring on the ripped jeans and light weights.


I find that a raw distressed denim and a varsity jacket work so well together. These two pair up nicely for the ultimate tomboy feel.

imageWhat would this look be without my oversized bucket bag-I really don’t know. This leather tote works wonders and is by far my favorite in terms of functionality.


Mar 12, 2013


An oldie but a goodie and one of my top favourites off the ‘In Our Nature’ album. It’s been quite the day… so I think listening to a little Jose is the best way to end off this night.


Mar 12, 2013

jessmpelletier said: I miss youuuuuu (not a question but idc)

Miss you too Jess! hope everything is going great on your end been too long! xooo

Mar 12, 2013

MM x Patricio El Mahico

Check out Patrick Estebar’s beautiful works along with my feature in his latest post. Fabulous portraits of some pretty great people.

Mar 12, 2013

Are you there Spring? It’s me, Robin.

A fun and furry little getup for some lazing around on a sunny saturday afternoon. We’re not too sure what statements the weathers calling for these days… so we’re mixing it up a little bit.


Mar 5, 2013


This past month I hopped on board with the fabulous OHM team styling their most recent promotional photo shoot. After a long day of thrifting through all kinds of vintage pieces and collaborating amongst each others wardrobes, we came up with some pretty eclectic looks. The vision was to give off a sort of street like fashion. Through the use of layering different silhouettes, topping each look off with the appropriate jacket or accessory things really came to life on shooting day to give off that authentic chic but grungy edge. Here are a few of my favourite takes from the day of the shoot.


Photos by Alan Li and Shira Gelkopf
Models: Brenna Llewellyn, Kayla Fenn, Ashley Byers
Styled by Lee-Tal Hatuka, Alana Lowenstein, and Lindsay Hartzman

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bloodeyes said: Hey, I was wondering if you could help me find a name for a song. I know it plays at Aritzia usually at non-peak times. It's a girl singing and starts off with some drum beats. The lyrics goes something like "And I say hey hey hey hey heyo, will you come down, will you come down, will you come around." I don't know if that's the exact lyrics but it sounds something like that :P Also, the singer has a lower voice, not high pitched

Hey! I’m usually pretty good at figuring these things out so I’ve got two possible answers for you. The first one that comes to mind would be “This Isn’t Our Parade” by Santogold… who oddly just changed her name to Santigold.


That sounds more like what your talking about in terms of the low vocals.

If thats not it…my second answer would probably be “Youth Knows No Pain” by Lykke Li.


Pretty sure I hit it on the head with the first one, way more non-peak. Hope that was helpful- If not you have a some fun new songs to add to your playlist.